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Think of those who sleep, many days without food, cloth, shelter or without good health care & education. If I talk about myself few days before I would be telling, let them be what they are, it's there dids & karma. But, now my whole understanding is changed as when i did the great vrat of Ekadashi,as adviced. I Experienced a great thing that is hunger, I was allowed to have fruits & all, but i don’t have it; as i want to experience a real meaning of it. 
Hence, this treats me with the importance of basic life means. To deal with this trouble for people who face it regularly. Study Theatres declare it's 35 % of profit to all poor & needy with 11,000 free courses to poor & NGO students for whole year.
With this StudyTheatres, is raising "funds for life” for those who need it the most. You can contribute by clicking the below button for donate & make a donation. We appreciate every penny of donation, no matter how big or small it is.
" amount never matter; what really matter is feeling of goodness to those who need it."

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